Hot Cider

Hot Cider - It's A

We love Hot Cider and we drink gallons of the stuff during the fall months! Its great to serve on a cool fall evening sitting around the fire outside and sip on while you visit with family & friends.  You can keep it hot in your crock pot for a Harvest party, or enjoy serving it for a Fall … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin Cake Roll ! ! !

Pumpkin Roll - It's A

My daughter makes this yummy Pumpkin Cake Roll  every year for Thanksgiving dessert and we love it! She puts a light and delicious cream cheese filling inside that's heavenly! I  love it even more because you can make it weeks ahead, or several of them ahead in our case, and freeze them.  I … [Continue reading]

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Pilgrim Hat Cookies - It's A

Kids never tire of making fun edible crafts, but sometimes moms tire of the mess! So these Pilgrim Hat Cookies are for craft loving kids and tired … [Continue reading]

Forcing Fall Bulbs for Spring!

Forcing Bulbs - It's A

October and November are the fall months when I pick up some bulbs to force in a vase. The bulbs will then bloom for us come February when we’re … [Continue reading]

More Homemade Donuts

Homemade Donuts - It's A

We love making donuts and we make them every fall! We make them with friends… and families…..and at get-togethers, with cousins and Aunts. We just … [Continue reading]

Treat Favors

Treat Favors - It's A

Do you need something appropriate for all kinds of occasions? We have made these Treat Favors for college boxes, to send as encouragement to friends … [Continue reading]