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How to make a Resurrection Garden, perfect for Easter!

When my youngest was still home, (years back) her and I made this resurrection garden. I loved having it out during the Easter season. She loved making it with me and it looks lovely as a table piece.

I wanted to share it with you during this Easter season, because its such a fun thing to make with your
kids and all ages love helping.
It doesn’t take much to make it, a couple clay pots, a rock, some pebbles, a little dirt, and some grass seed. The crosses we made together also just using some twigs and twine.

You can keep it for weeks, as long as you keep watering it, it keeps growing. When the grass gets
taller, I just snipped it with my kitchen scissors, or let the kids do it. They will love this part as well as
the task of spraying the grass with water to keep it green and growing.


This is how we made it:
I used 2 clay pots which I found at Hobby Lobby. You may already have some on hand. One was a
shallow clay saucer that actually goes under a large pot. The 2nd one was a tiny clay pot, tipped on its side for the tomb. (see below)

Next, we dug up a cup of dirt from outside and added it where we wanted our grass to grow and mounded it up and on top of the tiny clay pot, so it looked like hillside.

Next I gave her the task of going outside to find a rock to use for the tomb and I gave her a little bowl so she could gather some small pebbles. Then in front, we filled in with some pebbles (see below).

Next put the rock in place as tomb door. (see pictures above and below where you want your rock to sit). Then lastly we sprinkled on grass seed.

It doesn’t take much grass seed at all, but to my helper it was like shaking sprinkles on cupcakes, either way have fun making it together. 😊

Last we found some small twigs and she made the little crosses using brown twine.

To help the grass germinate quicker, I used a cake plate to cover it with. She would spray it with a light mist of water once a day, using a small spray bottle I had. After the grass germinated, (it only takes 4-5 days or so depending on temp in your house), then I no longer kept the cake-cover on it.

Tip: I have also seen plastic domes at the Dollar store for growing things, that would fit over top of this but it’s not needed, it’s optional. Set the Easter garden in a sunny windowsill 😊 and wait!

As mentioned above when your grass gets taller you can just cut it using scissors….a perfect job for kids to do.
They will really enjoy this spring craft with such a beautiful message and meaning, reminding them of all our Lord Jesus and His death and Resurrection.

Here’s another tip: we actually saved our rock and 2 clay pots from year to year, so that we could make it over and over again each spring. It’s easy to store the stone and clay pots in the craft closet for next year.

Hope you have fun making one together this spring.
I wish you all a Happy Easter…………. for He has Risen indeed!

Delightfully yours,

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