Tropical Summer Smoothie

Try my Tropical Summer smoothie recipe, it’s as yellow as a vase of Sunflowers!

This smoothie is wonderful for a summer evening dessert or even great for breakfast. 
Its good for you, simple and is as yellow as sunflowers.  I use my Vitamix to make this.
The Vitamix is fast, very easy to wash and has incredible power to puree anything!
I love my Vitamix!  Checkout the Vitamix  HERE  and you’ll also get free shipping by using this link!

You can get very creative with this recipe, you can easily omit what you don’t have on hand or add something else you do and its wonderful every time!


In your Vitamix (type blender) put:
1/2 cup Coconut milk (any milk is fine)
Mango – cut in chunks (remove peeling & pit)
1/3 cup  Pineapple pcs -frozen (about a handful)
1/2 a fresh Lemon (remove peeling)
1/2  Banana  (you can use it all but we don’t like alot of banana flavor- freeze the other half for next time)
5  Ice cubes  (if using frozen banana and frozen pineapple you can omit these)
1 cup  Yogurt –(I use a thick kind and often use peach flavor but plain or vanilla yogurt is great too)

1 plop (about 1 tablespoon, I don’t measure) of orange juice concentrate— (right out of the can)  I keep an opened can of orange juice concentrate inside my freezer door just for scooping plops out to add to all our smoothies.
1 tablespoon Flax oil
2 Tablespoons Maple syrup
1 – 2  tablespoons Kefir — (if you have, its simply added for health benefits but when I don’t have any made I skip it)

Put all the above in your Vitamix (type blender). Start on low speed and go to high until thick and frosty, takes less than a minute.
Serve in pretty glasses with a straw and add a piece of fruit on the edge.
Enjoy!  Makes 3-4 glasses.

Go here for Handy Pineapple Tips and here for How to Cut a Mango.