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Fun Wishes for Fewer Dishes – gift for many Occasions!

This gift is perfect for any occasion, and you can personalize it by simply changing the colors of the paperware and tag. This gift is a fun assortment of brightly colored plates and napkins, with the option to add paper cups and polka-dot straws to it. You can arrange the stack however you like and have a blast putting it all together. Once you’ve created your tower of paperware, wrap it up with a big bright bow that matches you color theme and occasion. Tie on the cute poem gift tag, and your recipients are sure to love it!

So many fun combinations!

Let me share some of the ways I’ve given these:

For Christmas one year, I gave them to all my young-mom nieces. I’ve given it to older ladies that you don’t know what to get them. They love it because its consumable and not just another sugary treat! I’ve used it for Baby showers as part of gift or as game prize. I’ve even made them for new moms-to-be in pink or blue. I did one in yellow prints for After-Baby-Bee! The yellow stack had yellow bumble bee paperware for a new grandbaby born this summer it was taken along with a meal. With this gift, not only are you providing new Mamma with a meal, but also several days of “fewer dishes” while she recovers and gets back on her feet.

I also have given it at baby reveal party’s and put it in a gift bag with the cute poem attached… instead of wrapping it in cellophane. Seriously ideas are endless with this fun gift……Who wouldn’t love to have a break from doing dishes, right!

Looking for fun color combinations? I like to mix stripes & polka-dots for a bright & fun theme. Another fun combination is to put a cheerful snowman print on top, and yet another theme I’ve paired buffalo plaid with solid green for a festive holiday theme. You can really let your creativity have fun making these gifts!

You simply change the tag to fit the occasion as I did for these different baby ones. For a bee themed one (not shown) you can use words like ….. “This little gift for Mamma-to-bee comes with sweet wishes, as well as some help for doing the dishes, can’t wait to see what baby will bee!”

Best directions are here in this short Video, join me to make one!

Here’s the Printable Christmas Tags , for you!

Supplies & Directions:
-Big plates, med plates, round plates, square, or dessert plates – your choice, mixed sizes stack best.
-Napkins 1-2 packages, I mix sizes (see photos)
-Cups or fun paper straws are optional (and can be found at the dollar store)

1. I usually shoot for 4-5 items for my dishware stack. I match & coordinate colors and patterns to have a solid color in-between each and I also use graduating sizes . So biggest is on bottom.
2. Once paperware is stacked in the way that’s most pleasing, just wrap it in a large piece of cellophane (I get it by the roll, like wrapping paper at any craft store).
3. Tie on a bright bow (I like wired ribbon for this craft)
4. Last make your tag. I wrote on the front of my tags, using a white chalk marker “Merry Christmas” but you can cut out tag fronts from the free tag printable to make these even easier, (my black tags in pictures came from dollar store, so did the white chalk marker)😊
5. Print off 1 sheet of Tags with poem, on copy paper. Cut out with scissors and use double- sticky tape or a glue stick to attach poem to cardstock tag. Tie tag onto gift.

Another great thing about these gifts…….you can literally make these up months AHEAD of time!❤️😊

I think what I like best about this gift is it requires no-sewing, no hot gluing, no baking, no dishes (yes pun intended!)

Enjoy giving and making these FUN gifts!

Delightfully yours,

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