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How to make Fruity Fizzy Berry Kombucha filled with probiotics!

Making healthy berry and fruit flavored fizzy kombucha isn’t hard at all. I have a How-To video so You can literally join me in the kitchen and watch me do the complete process. One thing I enjoy about making ferments and probiotic filled, fizzy berry, drinks like this one is….. you make it over the course of several days or a week, so therefore you just spend a few minutes here and there in the kitchen each day. It doesn’t take hours and hours in the kitchen.

Making kombucha is quite simple you don’t need any complicated or special supplies, just a large jar and a healthy kombucha SCOBY! And then to make yummy fruit flavors all you need is fruit! You can use fresh fruit or fruit you have in the freezer….both work great for making yummy fruity flavors.

Some of my best fruit flavors have come by accident because I had fruit in the freezer to use up! For example I used cranberries one time when I was out of raspberries, another time I used blackberries because I didn’t have enough blueberries! Well who knew cranberry, blackberry blueberry would be soooo yummy and soon became our favorite flavor! I also discovered cranberries make it turn a lovely deep red color!

To keep track of the flavors I make, I label the tops with my scotch tape trick (you can watch in the video) This also helps me keep track of which flavors and fruit combinations we love the best.

Of course, I always have TUUUUNS of peaches in the freezer, because I LOOOOOOVE peach! So I make peach pineapple often 🙂

So get creative, have fun with it, let your kids help….Your Family is sure to love this healthy probiotic filled drink. 😊

This is such a better option than pop, soda, drink boxes or sugar ladened sports drinks and don’t forget the artificial flavored waters they aren’t any better! Sorry there, but its true!

A quick internet search showed cola has 39 grams of sugar per can (that’s 10 teaspoons!!!! Ugh! And orange soda has even more, it was listed at 49 grams = 12 teaspoons, then sparkling juices showed 23 grams that’s = 6 teaspoons. Lastly sport drinks were listed to have 20 grams of sugar, that’s ALOOOOT of sugar, all consumed in one setting, usually, right! But if we face the truth no one usually drinks just ONE 12 oz can of pop, they drink a 20 oz or a super-size. I shudder at these sugar filled sizes being sold, the gas station popular size now is 44 oz ! YIKES! We’re waaay beyond Extra-large! Lets do a lil more kitchen math here…12 tsp equals a 1/4 Cup! Try dumping 1/4 cup sugar into a cup and add a straw in it 🙁 Thats IF…. we are just drinking ONE 12 oz can size!) I know facts hurt sometimes….me too! So if we can make some healthy options easy and at home, Lets do IT!

Now if your like me, and you want to KNOW how many (few) grams of sugar kombucha has when it’s finished 😊 jump to the bottom!

You can to join me in the kitchen and I’ll literally walk you thru how easy it is to make plain simple kombucha and then flavor it with wonderful fruits for a 2nd overnight ferment….and then its ready to enjoy!

You can do several different flavors, like I do below, using pint jars OR you can do ONE flavor in a big half gallon jar and keep it really super simple, all with one batch of kombucha…… either way you can’t go wrong!

Store your finished Kombucha in the refrigerator and enjoy it served over ice, or you can add even more nutritional value by adding a tsp of collagen to it. You also can add 1-2 drops of stevia to it for a sweeter taste! Another way I use kombucha is to add some to a qt jar of my home-canned grape juice for a yummy special weekend drink. The skies the limit! It really is!

(Note: The little jars in above picture, just got there fruit added, so after 24 hours on the counter it turns beautiful berry color, like the larger jar on the right that’s finished and stored in the refrig).

I am sharing some resources below. I am an affiliate with Kombucha Kamp because I have purchased SCOBY’s from several places now, and Kombucha Kamp sells the best most healthy SCOBY I ever received. I’m always happy with my purchases, that is why I share them. But if you have a friend that makes kombucha, ask her to share a baby SCOBY with you! 😊 She will surely have extras. Also, the full recipe is below for you as well as a How-To video to join me in my kitchen and I show you step by step, also you can print it below, if that’s helpful.

I Hope you give it whirl!

The full recipe and Easy how-to is on an easy to watch video.

If you hop over to the Kombucha video, and while there, be sure to hit “subscribe”, its FREE to subscribe to my You Tube channel, so you won’t miss out on what’s coming! If you subscribe there, you’ll get all my helpful videos as they become available: like how I make great tasting healthy electrolytes, how-to make Energy Boosting Ginger shots, and more!

Wondering about the sugar grams in finished kombucha, good question……me too. 😊 Here’s a good answer from Kombucha camp.com — “….the good news is that the sugar in Kombucha is for the culture to consume, not for you. When it’s done fermenting, there will be about 2-6 grams per 8-ounce glass of unflavored Kombucha. By contrast, an 8-ounce glass of orange juice has about 24g of sugar.”

Fizzy Fruity Kombucha

Fizzy Fruity Kombucha

Kombucha Recipe:

6 Tea Bags (organic, I use 4 black tea and 2 white tea) All black works great!

12 cups water - Hot for tea

Steep tea bags for 10-12 min in covered pan.

Next: remove tea bags and add 1 cup of organic white cane sugar while warm and stir so it dissolves. Next you must cool the tea to room temperature, because HOT tea will kill your kombucha SCOBY (just as HOT water kills your yeast in bread making - its same concept here 🙂

Once completely cool, pour tea into large glass jar or glass bowl (no metal or plastic should be used for this part). Add 1/2 cup Kombucha starter to jar (from storing your SCOBY in). Next Lay scoby on top and cover with cloth napkin and rubberband and let set for 5-8 days. In summer mine takes 4-5 days, in winter mine can take 7-10 days. Then Taste after a few days, by dipping a ladel into the top gently without disturbing it all, when tastes less sweet and more fizzy and it's to your liking (it will get more fizzy during 2nd ferment!) then its time to strain.

Strain and store kombucha in glass jar with plastic storage lid. This is plain ready to drink kombucha. Store SCOBY in some (2-3 cups) of your newly made kombucha in frig or start another batch again and repeat 🙂

For Berry Fizzy Kombucha do another overnight quick ferment and you'll be so glad you did.

Use 4 very clean pint jars -however many needed for your desired flavors.

Add 1/4 to 1/3 c of fruit to jar. Pour kombucha into to jar to fill, leave 1 inch headspace, cap with plastic storage ring. Let set on counter and Ferment 24 -48 hours. It will get bubbly and even start to form another baby scoby with the fruit often and turn beautiful berry colored and get more fizzy.

Then its done, strain if you like now, but I just leave fruit in as I think it gets better with time in the frig. After 2nd ferment time, store in frig and strain it as you pour into your glass for serving. Enjoy

My favorite combinations:

1. 3 small pcs Peach with 1 inch pc pineapple or mango.

2. 5 blueberries, 5 cranberries, 1 strawberry, and few raspberries!

3. Strawberries with raspberries and few blackberries.

Frozen fruit works VERY well for this! I rarely ever measure or count my fruit.... I just wing it and its always wonderful 🙂 Remember were not baking a cake here, were just making yummy kombucha.


Great Resource to get a SCOBY from and learn more. https://www.kombuchakamp.com/sugar-and-kombucha-faq-top-10

So one 12 oz can of cola has 39 grams of sugar and a 20 oz Gatorade stated to have 34 grams of sugar.

Then there’s the Ice coffees! OUCH! Many of those have at least 23 grams of sugar in small, but most had more than 45 grams, (again who buys a small??)

Flavored waters and SUGAR-free drinks have sucralose in them which is just another word for the chemical sweetener aspartame! Yick…we don’t want that! Well, you decide 😊

For more educational learning and fun reading about sugar checkout some of the resources. 😊

The FDA public info says that 50 grams of sugar daily, is ok for us (DAILY not in ONE setting! key word there) ..….but most all other fitness and medical sites say ONLY about 25 grams is daily suggested healthy amount ! We're not surprised by those differences are we?

Here's a thought: What if you gave your kids a school assignment to study sugar! That would be some valuable information your junior high and high schoolers could benefit from! Sorry that's the retired homeschool mom coming out from me 🙂

Bottom Line, We All are in this SUGAR battle together, so lets encourage each other towards BETTER HEALTH!!!

(Update- - Note: I am currently not affilated with amazons' program)

Delightfully yours,

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