Elephant Ears

It’s Time for the County Fair!

We Love to go to our County Fair!   We enter our canned goods we been puttin’ up all summer and bouquets of flowers from the garden,  Hand-work and things we’ve been sewing through out the past months. There’s frog races for the kids,  a barn of beautiful quilts people have made, all the animals and….
of course our  favorite

       ELephanT  EaRS!!!

No, they aren’t healthy and they are ridiculously priced especially when you have a family of eight so………….
we make them at home for added fun during the week of Fair – they are soooo easy!

Here’s how I do it:

In large mixing bowl
1 1/2 Tbsp  Yeast
1 3/4 c  +  1/8c  Water
Dissolve yeast in water for 5 min.
Now add:
4 1/2 tsp sugar (honey or rapadura works fine too)
3 Tbsp  Oil  – (I use olive oil)
2 c  all-purpose Flour
1 1/2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Cinnamon

With my stand mixer I beat this up so its completely mixed together but its moist, don’t over beat it.
Now add:   2 cups more of white flour and
1/2c Wheat flour (I use hard wheat flour).


Now knead for about 3 min or so  by hand until smooth an elastic dough.  Do Not add more flour.  Dough should be sticky or you’ve added to much flour. You don’t have to get it perfect here and sometimes when I’m in a hurry I just mix it good and knead it over a few times in the bowl, throw a towel over it and let it rest for 30- 40min.  This dough has never failed me!

While that’s resting, get out your black iron skillet and heat up just a couple inches of oil.   Also get some butter slightly soft and some cinnamon and sugar ready (1 cup sugar to 2T Cinnamon).

Next I divide my dough into about 12 pcs.  Then I just shape and flatten each piece of dough into somewhat of a circle, let the kids help you shape and flatten the dough that’s the funnest part. Have fun with this!

Then taking one flattened piece of dough at a time I fry each piece in the hot oil for about 3 min. Flipping it once.

Then using tongs, I remove the Elephant Ear from the pan and lay it on a cookie sheet covered with paper towels.  If you want it more crispy then cook a little longer in the oil -we like ours softer.  Now using a BBQ brush, I brush it with butter and  sprinkle on cinnamon sugar.
Then ENJOY them while they are warm!









You can get fancy like they do at the Fair by using pie-filling as toppings and such but we like the good ole  Cinnamon Sugar ones best!

Now that’s not all we do with these.
Also on this special night, We make a batch of dough without the cinnamon and we use them for dinner!
Simply omit the cinnamon when making the dough, and do all else the same.

We top them with taco meat, cut up lettuce, fresh cut tomatoes from the garden, and sprinkle on cheddar cheese and you have a delicious warm open faced Taco. (Well that’s what I call them).

 So whether you go to a County Fair or not I hope you’ll enjoy making Elephant Ears this summer-time  fair  favorite  of ours!!


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