Cranberry Candle Cups

These Cranberry Candle Cups are warm and elegant for your holiday dinner table and are so easy to make.   They can be very pretty on your mantel as well.

  1. Choose some glass bowl type candle cups like in the photo.
  2. I have several different sized ones that I like to use.
  3. Set a white votive candle in the glass bowl
  4. Next just layer in fresh cranberries around the candle.
  5. Add some fall leaves, acorns and seed pods and its very pretty.

For Christmas time you can use pine greens, pine cones, and fake red berry picks
instead of fall leaves an acorns.

Tip: You can find candle cups like these at little used shops for really cheap.
These are so easy and so pretty and very very inexpensive to make.

For a Christmas table idea check out my pretty and very easy  Floating Cranberry Centerpiece.