Summer Photography fun! – aqua circle(great homeschool project)

Do you have a child interested in Photography?

Here are some fun photos my kids took…….and you could even have them take a free online course or this fun
homeschool unit on Photography like we did.

The Photography Unit we used was by Amanda Bennet. She has some great Units, they are well prepared and very teacher friendly.  The lessons are written out for each day so there’s no guess work, and she has many different topics.

Click Here to check out her Unit on Photography.

It’s a fun way to let them use all the digital cameras and ipads we have today, and with these devices today your kids can practice taking photo after photo after photo with out costing money, those wonderful cameras all have a delete button on them, unlike the old days with film !

…..And there’s so many fun photo sites too that you can use,  like Picmonkey, Canva and others which we have used. Kids can make fun collages, bookmarks, and even calendars using their own photos,  or you can make really pretty Notecards with nature pictures for sending in the mail:) Yes snail mail is still a thing.  Nature Photo notecards and bookmarks make pretty gifts for giving too.

And it also can encourages some great quiet time and sitting patient and still as they shoot a humming bird or butterfly or even a lovely sunset.

Have fun using these devices for something beneficial and encouraging some time outside in the great outdoors. My kids had fun taking photos during summer vacation using our family digital camera and making cards and calendars from them!

Delightfully yours,Annette

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