Red, White, and Blue… 4th of July Cupcakes just for you.

  Sooooooooo very easy your kids will surely want to help with the fun.

Using a WHITE cake mix (we used a homemade white cake recipe we love from an old cookbook but a box mix works just fine also and makes it really easy).
Mix up your cake mix according to directions on the box or any  white cake recipe your using.

Divide the creamy cake  batter into three bowls.
Dye one red, one blue, and leave one white.

Now line your cupcake pans with festive cupcake papers -we used red & white striped papers of course.
Now using  a small spoon …..plop in red batter first, then a plop of white batter, lastly plop blue batter on top.
Continue doing each cupcake this way.
Now bake these  as you would for any cupcakes…. about 15 min – until done.
Then frost with white frosting,  and sprinkle on sprinkles -red white and blue ones of course!!!

They are that easy and they’re ready for your Independence Day Picnic!

Enjoy your family, have fun and let’s not forget what we are celebrating here – Our American Freedoms.