Summer Vacation Cake & Cookies

I have always done something fun with the kids when school was finished up and summer was about to begin. So, again, even with my youngest and last one at home, to celebrate finishing her school and the beginning of summer, I let her bake a cake and get out all the cake tips and decorate it all by herself. For a beginner, she didn’t do too bad!  This is the time to step back, Mamma, and let them HAVE FUN!!!!  Don’t wait ’til it’s too late, that’s a recipe for regret.

Summer Cake

Of course the whole kitchen was consumed by her fun (or mess some might say ) but most importantly she had a wonderful time doing it! What a great opportunity to let the kids have a fun time and celebrate their hard work in accomplishing all their school work the past year. And what a great way to start off a good summer — by having a “School’s Finished” cake decorating day!Summer Cookie


Now, if cake isn’t your thing,  I’m sure, like me, you have a bunch of cookie cutters that are for no special holiday lying around and you never use them, then how about getting those out and letting the kids decorate a batch of sugar cookies together. You could even make an extra tray of them, as we did one year, and share it with another family to help them celebrate the arrival of summer, too.  Either way, it’s sure to start summer off with smiles!



I so encourage you to have fun training your kids. Spend time doing things together and enjoy the mess. I know it makes a big mess getting it all out, but that’s part of learning. And then clean up as a team, even that can be filled with singing songs and working together and listening to their excitement about summer,  a project or quilt they endeavor to make.

Summer Cookies

Do you just have boys? Even when my boys were young, they enjoyed this end of the school year celebration – especially the eating part! – but they sang hymns to music CDs we had that were choirs of just men singing amazing hymns; manly voices that were great for my boys to aspire to duplicate.   I want to encourage you mama’s you never know how years and years later God will use what you were doing with them to shape them or open opportunities, but you will always be glad you took the time to do things together!

Wedding Cupcakes

Yes, years later my daughter really baked up all those cake mixes into cupcakes for a wedding, you see I wasn’t thinking about opportunities and what God would do with it way back then, I was just teaching them things at home and having fun with them like….. baking  summer vacation cakes!

So ENJOY  this summer vacation with your kids.

Delightfully Yours, Annette

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