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Fun make ahead Indian-Corn Fall Thanksgiving Favors!

Fun m&m favors for fall gatherings, craft night, or just really cute for your Thanksgiving table.

I’m sharing fun and colorful Indian Corn favors made with fall m&ms type candies! These have so many ways to be used during the fall season.

They’re great for FALL Baby or Bridal showers, perfect for your Thanksgiving Dinner table, they can be fun for a Fall Ladies craft night, How about even a Tween &Teen craft, you know… the“I’m bored and the weather is cold rainy”, so Stay-in and invite girlfriends over for a fun fall craft making time”! 😊

These would also be great for a homeschool group, they are perfect to give to teachers before fall break, how about giving one to your cleaning lady, your daycare person, or even tucking one in the mailbox for your mail carrier……

….these are pretty simple and they’re perfect to give to anyone that your wanting to express your Thankfulness too!

I could go on and on with more ideas, for giving and using these cute M an M Indian Corn Favors, But I think you’ll find lots of ways to give these little reminders of gratefulness, to your friends this fall.

I will be using mine for my Thanksgiving Dinner table! They really go well with all the fall colors in your table settings.

These favors take pretty simple supplies and I think most the supplies you’ll already have on hand, but 2 things you’ll need to pick up is Fall colored m&m type candy and some clear narrow pretzel bags!

Here’s the Supply List :
-Fall candy
-Cellophane pretzel bags (dollar store 😊 or hobby lobby )
-1 piece paper – rollee into a tube and taped (to EASILY fill your pretzel bags with fall candy)
-Brown twisted twine (dollar store again 😊)
-Hole punch
-Permanent marker
-Brown paper – cut into thin strips (I used scrap paper on hand, but a brown paper bag works too)
-Circle punch- to punch out the round tags (also a square punch, or your Cricut would work too). I kept it simple and used my 1-inch round punch, and wrote my words and stitching lines on with the marker.

That’s all that’s needed.

Now let’s dive in and make some of these fun Fall Indian Corn Favors!

Directions :

1. First roll your paper into a tube/funnel as seen above, and tape it to stay in a funnel.

2. Next cut your dark brown paper or (brown paper bag) into some strips. Next fold your strips in half, mine started to curl up. I used 2 folded strips for each favor, so each corn will have 4 brown paper husks coming from the top of your Indian corn favor.

3. Now simply insert paper funnel into pretzel bag and fill with desired amount of autumn candy.

4. Gather the top of bag in your fingers and insert folded ends of your 2 folded brown paper strips and tie off with brown twine. Leave long tails of your twine, as in photo above for tying your tag circle on.

Note: I cut an inch or so off the top of my pretzel bag off, after it was filled, so the bag wouldn’t be taller than my paper husk strips.

5. Next punch out some Round or square tags, as you desire. Write “your Thankful words” on with a fine black marker. I also added a border of dashes or stitching lines around my tags (dots look cute around tag edges too 😊)! (see below)

6. Then Punch a hole in your tags and tie them on . Now Cut any excess twine, so it’s the perfect length you like to finish it!

7. Lastly you can see “above”, that I also scrunched my paper strip husks, just a little, with my hand just EVER SO SLIGHLTY to make them look a lil crinkled, and this is totally optional.

Because You can see In picture by number 6. (way above), that before I scrunched them, they look cute too. Also you can add more strips for the husks (in photo 6. also) but again, I feel that 2 strips folded in half, giving you just 4 husks really looks the cuuutest….but you decide 😊 and just have fun making them!

You can make a whole dozen or more up pretty quickly 😊

The perfect Thanksgiving fall Favor!

Well, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving
And Hope you have fun giving away reminders of gratefulness, this fall season!

After all, We all love to be appreciated ❤️

Delightfully yours,

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