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Fun Christmas Candy make-ahead Gifts – use up your Cricut paper scraps!

These Lil Chocolate Nugget Gifts are one of my favorite ways to use up my fun holiday paper scraps.

I have made these little chocolate gifts for Valentines, Mother’s Day with a fun bee theme & spring colors, for Fall thankful gifts, even birthday and graduation themed ones! I have truly made these for nearly every occasion. Another thing I love about these, you can make them up weeks ahead of time!

These are perfect for music lesson teachers, coaches, friends, co-workers, even to leave for your mail lady (well mine is a lady, but maybe yours is a man, what’s great is they work for both 🙂

These are fun for a lady’s craft night or a Crafter-noon together with friends or sisters! When my daughter was in college and brought dorm girls home on Thanksgiving break, I got out these supplies and those college girls had a lot of fun making these. They gave them out to dorm friends when they returned to college!

I’ve made dozens of these over the years, and given them in so many ways, I have even put them in church mailboxes for elderly friends at church! They loved them! I’m sure you’ll think of even more ways to give these! Please Share in the comments for all of us to see how you gave them out, I’d love to hear!

Watch this quick 7-minute video. I show you how to make them and the tags. Then below I include my printable tags for you! So, you can just print & punch out, to make your tags….. doesn’t get any easier.

These use minimal supplies, mine are made from my basket of paper scraps. So if you have a Cricut or do card making..….then you have PERFECT scraps for making these!

Supplies needed:
– Scraps of small holiday paper, thin papers work better, but cardstock also works.
– Scraps of red & green card stock for your tag – the outer part (the back of your tag)
– 1 sheet of the free Tag Printable printed on white copy paper
– 1 sheet brown cardstock (whatever color you want, I use scraps here too) for little slider your candy sets on. Makes it easy to slide them into the bags.
– cellophane long narrow pretzel bags – candy making aisle at craft stores
-String, twine or ribbon. To tie candy bag closed & tie tag on.
-Double sided sticky tape and scissors
-Tiny Candy bars or nuggets
-And a couple friends for joining in on the crafter-noon making time.

1. First cut 2 brown templates out. One template to slide the candy into bag. Another paper template that wraps around your nugget or mini candy bar.
2. Next I cut all my brown slider pieces out using brown card stock or scrap prints. Fold the sides up if you choose that style slider. Set aside until ready to fill bags. Brown slider 1″ wide x 4″ long
3. Next cut strips of printed paper (candy wrapper: 1″ wide x 3 1/8″ long) and wrap around the candy bars. Yep, it’s that easy just wrap it around the bar, ending with seam on bottom of the bar, and use small piece of double sticky tape to secure it.
I love these because NO-GLUE is needed!
4. Once all your mini-candy bars are wrapped in cute prints, just slide the slider with the candy bars into pretzel bag. Tie closed with your twine or ribbon.
5. To make Tags – I do suuuuper easy! I simply print off the printable Christmas wishes words, punch them out with my small punch.
Next I punch out a red or green piece of card stock with a slightly bigger punch that has scallop edge, then double sticky tape the words to green card stock which is the back of your tag and its done.
Last, I hole punch them with my lil dollar store hole punch and tied the tags on with twine.

You could do this as a fun girl’s craft after Thanksgiving dinner. You make these together in Christmas prints and then ladies get to take theirs home all ready for giving! So fun! So easy! NO glue gun, no mess! Love that 🙂
Another good thing about these is you’re not giving a boat load of sugar or a tin full of cookies………just a nice little ONE setting treat for someone special!
Have fun with this idea lots of room for your own creativity!

p.s. My mind is always thinking up another fun use for these. Want more? I’ve done pink and red prints for valentines, and pink & blue for a baby shower or baby reveal party…..oh the possibilities are endless! Bumble bee & hive paper prints for a garden party, cow print or western prints for birthday party, I better stop there….you get the idea!

Watch Fun fall ones here
Cute Valentine ones here
Mothers Day bumble bee spring ones here

Have a delightful holiday gift making month!!

Delightfully yours,

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