Treat Favors

Do you need something appropriate for all kinds of occasions? We have made these Treat Favors for college boxes, to send as encouragement to friends far away, fall harvest favors, to adorn our thanksgiving dinner table, for baby and wedding showers, for parties of all kinds, so many things!

I don’t know where I originally found this idea but we have made them for all kinds of different occasions! You could make these with cardstock paper for a surprise treat (think birthday party) or very pretty and fancy by creating them with vellum (a pretty white type paper) and use white ribbon or lace (think wedding shower), or even using colored paper you can make holiday-themed treats (think Christmas or Thanksgiving or Valentines). We even made them with gold ribbons and tags and filled with gold wrapped chocolate kisses for a 50th Anniversary Dinner Party once .

The clear ones as shown, is our most favorite way to make them.

Here are the EASY steps, made with things you most likely already have on hand!

Step 1 – Cut out a piece of white paper 4 x 4 ½ inches. This will be your pattern template.

Step 2 – Lay your white paper pattern piece onto a plastic sheet protector and cut out as many plastic pieces from one sheet as you need.


Step 3 – Place a piece of double sided tape down the long side of the plastic (left photo) and now tape it into a cylinder shape as in right photo.











Step 4 – Now, put a piece of double sided tape on the inside of the bottom of your cylinder and press together to make a bottom seam to hold in your treat.

Step 5 – Fill with treats! (The fun part!)

Step 6 – Now tape the top shut with double sided tape, but press it closed  in the opposite direction as you did the bottom seam. See in the photo on the right how one end closes one way and the other end closes the opposite.










Step 7 – For our favors, we used scrapbook ribbon, but any ribbon that’s about 3/8” wide will work and you need about 5 inches for each favor. Tape it to the top with more double sided tape. (I love double sided tape!)

Step 8 –Next make up a bunch of little tags to adorn your favors. We used our scalloped circle punch and our tiny leaf punches, but you could certainly draw a pattern of any shape and cut it out with scissors. We have printed off little circles on the computer and just punched them out with a larger circle punch for super easy tags that look like you hand stamped them with a pretty font!

Step 9 – Where the two ends of the ribbon meet is where we glue on the tag with a dab of hot glue (the small kind of glue gun works best). This will hide the seam where your ribbon ends come together.

Oh, there are so many things you can do with this simple party favor design!

Have a delightful time making these and I’d love to hear your comments on how you used them!

Delightfully Yours, Annette



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