Folded Turkey Napkins

These are fun to do with your kids for your Thanksgiving Table.  My girls always love to make our table look really pretty for our dinner.

You can make them a couple days or even a week ahead and just keep them ready for your Thanksgiving Table.

In the picture (at right) we used some fall printed dinner napkins that were 9 x 9 inch square.
For the instruction pictures below we used a folded 9 x 9 inch  burgundy cloth napkin.  Either works fine.
Turkey Napkin Instructions:

1. Fold the napkin into a square and turn it so it looks like a diamond, have the folded point down and the open edges at the top.


2.  Pull down the first layer of the napkin.

3. Pull down the second layer of the napkin.

4. Take the right corner of the napkin and fold it towards the center.

 5. Take the left corner of the napkin and fold it towards the center.

6. Now flip the napkin over, so underside is now the top side and pull the bottom point up towards the middle of the napkin and slip the fork into the crease as the “turkey head”.  Now set one by each place setting.

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