Floating Cranberry Centerpiece

Here’s a lovely centerpiece to make and put on your table for Christmas.

This is soooooo very easy and sooooo very elegant looking that anyone can make it.

  1. Simply choose a shallow glass bowl and pour in one bag of fresh cranberries.
  2. Now add cold water until there floating at the level that looks nice.
  3. Set 3 tea light candles in (which float also) and light them.
  4. Add some greens around the bowl and its DONE!

Its very inexpensive and if at night before going to bed you put the bowl in a garage or a porch room so it stays cool it will keep for weeks.  (Do Not Let it Freeze!!)

This is also very very pretty at Thanksgiving….instead of the greens use fall leaves and some acorns or other dried flower pods you may have around.

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