Turkey Cookies……. Are A Thanksgiving Tradition Around Here

I first saw these when a friend brought them to a Fall Church Potluck about 12 years ago and we have been making them ever since.

Here’s what you need:

  • Striped cookies
  • Large malted balls (in bulk sections is where they carry the big ones)
  • Chocolate stars
  • Candy corn
  • Chocolate chips – for melting which is your “glue”

Here’s the easiest way to put these together.

Melt about 3/4 cup of chocolate chips in a frosting bag watching carefully in the microwave til soft and squeezable.  Snip the corner so you can squeeze it out easily.

1.  Lay your cookies in rows on a tray – as in photo below,

Now squeeze a small dab of melted chocolate onto cookie and place your malt ball there – as in photo seen below  Do a whole bunch like this. Now put these in refrigerator for 10 min or so until hard and those 2 parts are stuck together well.  (see below)

2.  Next attach a chocolate star by squeezing a little  chocolate onto the star (left photo)










and holding it under the maltball (right photo) for a couple seconds….. for the turkey feet,  so he will stand up nice. Chill once again until firm.

3.  Next simply attach candy corn for the beak with some melted chocolate… and they’re done!

……………Aren’t they cute!   You can make up a whole package of cookies in no time and your kids will love them. They are adorable to put next to each persons place setting for your  Thanksgiving Dinner if you can save some from getting eaten until then.