Christmas Tea

I know this is a really busy time of year, but take time to have fun and perhaps have a simple Christmas Tea or lil Christmas Luncheon with your daughters… or girls, you could do this for your Mom and sisters.  Surprise someone with a fun and simple Christmas Tea!

Keep it super simple. You’re not trying to add more to your list of things to do, instead you’re taking time to visit, rest and encourage one another and enjoy this time of year together!  Your daughters will so love and enjoy the extra minutes you took to put this together for them and you will enjoy the time spent with your precious girls. If you don’t have daughters then invite a sister or a couple sweet friends and take time to encourage one another.

All I had was fresh strawberries on a pretty little tea plate. I used a little carton of raspberry flavored yogurt for the fruit dip. Then I made simple little sandwiches and cut them out with a large mitten cookie cutter. I made a pot of cranberry apple tea and hung a mini-candy cane on the tea cups.  If you have some Christmas cookies or sweets then use a pretty little plate of those too. That’s it…… that’s how very simple it can be!

I happened to have some cute little sugar cubes that had snowmen on them that a dear sweet sister gave me as gift and decided this was

the perfect time to pull them out and use them.  Look around and see what you have on hand to create a special day for someone.

You could even decorate cookies together afterwards…………..

……..or make some gift tags (from the tons of small and odd shapes of pretty scrap paper we ALL have left over from scrap-booking that we can’t justify throwing away so we save it up!)  There’s so many really easy things you could add to your afternoon if you wanted to extend the time and make a craft together.  I could go on and on with ideas but  ” KEEP it SIMPLE”

…… remember the goal is to  HAVE FUN together for a few moments from the busy week!

………… ok I’ll toss out a few more ideas.

We made these snowman cookies from an idea Bakerella posted last year.  Just simple circles cut out of sugar cookie dough and turned them into cute snowmen, each one different, and using what sprinkles we had on hand.

You could make some Cookie mixes in a jar – just use your favorite cookie recipe and layer it in a jar and use red & green M&ms for a festive look instead of chocolate chips or along with chocolate chips!



How about my Cookie Cutter Fudge, so fun to make!



How about some pretty chocolate bark with red and green m&ms, I seen this really festive recipe on line. We made some and it turned out great!

Stamp a card or use stickers and make some cute cards together, my daughter used our cricut,   scraps of paper & a little flower eyelet to make this card and although its not winter looking, she had fun making it and its perfect to send to someone special.

You could make some Christmas gift tags just using stamps or some leftover embellishments you have on hand to put on your gifts.

Or just simply cut out some pretty paper snowflakes together and hang them in the windows.

A gift tag I received that was simply stamped, matted and tied on!


I hope you’ll take some time this Christmas season to enjoy time spent together and….

      I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


                                        Delightfully Yours



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