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Easy make-ahead Small Christmas Treat Bags with Printable Tags!

these small treat bags are perfect for tucking into gifts. There also really easy gifts kids can make because all the candy is wrapped. Also small candy gifts are nice because you’re not giving a full tin of cookies just a small one serving treat!

They can also be made using other things besides candy, like the no-candy option made with pistachios! You can use other nuts or trail mix also. You can get creative and find inspiration at the grocery store to come up with other ideas to package up this way.
You can make them long or make them short, easy to do any length by just cutting the top of the bag to your desired size.
For friends & family with diabetes or those who prefer sugar-free treats, the nut ones are a great choice. These also make the perfect addition for a popcorn basket. The possibilities are endless.
I’m sure you’ll think of even more ways to use these!

Watch here and then also be sure to share in the comments how you made & gave yours!

For printable tags go here ❤️


  • Long narrow pretzel/sucker bags – craft store in candy making aisle.
  • Striped chenille stems or twine
  • Printed sheet of tag words
  • Christmas Candy or Nuts or Trail mix
  • A pencil or stick to wrap chenille stems around (see how in video)

1. Fill bags in festive pattern using your chocolate holiday candy.
2. Tie off with Christmas twine, ribbon or chenille stems. (scraps work perfect here!)
3. Print off 1 sheet of free tags. Punch out words and tape to red or green piece of cardstock for back side of your tag. I print my tag sheet off on just regular white copy paper not cardstock for that part.
4. Tie tags on! ………..Done 🙂

Still looking for an idea, here are more easy Christmas candy gifts, favors, and fun make-aheads.

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