Cookie Cutter Fudge

I made these with my girls at Christmas time for giving to their flute and piano teachers as well as special Sunday school teachers and youth leaders.  They were well received. These cookie cutter fudge gifts are so easy to make.  You can really have A LOT of fun with these but I tried to restrain myself and keep it simple!


Make sure you add sprinkles before the fudge cools or they won’t stick to the fudge. In the photo above, the Snowflake was made with white pearl jots & snowflake sprinkles.

You can decorate a cute snowman and gingerbread man with any fun sprinkles you have on hand.  We used snowflake sprinkles for snowman eyes. We also used snowflakes standing on end for ginger man’s eyelashes, arms and feet lines.

Here’s the Recipe:

2 1/4 c White Sugar
1 1/4 c butter
5 oz can Evaporated milk
1 c heaping- semi sweet chocolate chips
7 oz jar marshmallow creme
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 c chopped walnuts (optional)
Combine sugar, butter, milk and bring to full rolling boil- stirring constantly.
Boil 5 min or until 234 – stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and stir in chocolate chips just until melted and
quickly add in marshmallow, nuts and vanilla.
Beat with spoon until well blended.
Now pour into cookie cutters that are set on a piece of parchment paper. (in photo-I have a cookie sheet under my parchment paper)
Now decorate the tops of the fudge using sprinkles and other fun candies. (see photos for fun ideas)
Cool at room temp. (for creamy fudge don’t refrigerate right away let cool at room temp.)
Put completely cooled fudge-filled cutters into small cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon and a tag for giving.
Store in cool place or refrigerator.
This makes up about 7-8 medium sized cookie cutters.  Give within a week.

Here’s some of our packaged Cookie-Cutter fudge gifts with their tags all ready for giving!


Note:  The snowman’s hat is just tiny black ball sprinkles, the candy cane is red and white jots in a pattern, the trees are green jot type sprinkles with red ball sprinkles, the angel is white pearl sprinkles, and the mouths on some are red jot sprinkles laid end to end.    Yes it’s that easy!    This fudge recipe is the common recipe you often find on the back label of evaporated milk or marshmallow creme.  I have found this one works really well for cookie cutter fudge.

As always I hope you have a delightful time making these!