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How-To Dry Orange Slices for Christmas Gifts!

I love to dry oranges for using during the holidays.
-Dried oranges are perfect for adding to Simmering Potpourri gifts, and my potpourri recipe you can make in a jar or a clear bag. (I’ll share the recipe link for it below)
– Orange slices can be used tied on a gift especially when wrapped in brown wrapping paper and tied on with a sprig of greens with it.
-You can also use orange slices to hang on small trees and in lots festive & decorative ways during the holidays.
Bagged in cellophane, they themselves make lovely Christmas gifts and fall hostess gifts!

You can Watch how super easy these are to make, in this 3-minute video!

You can dry them in the oven, but if you have a dehydrator most definitely get it out and use it for these, they’ll turn out lovely!
1. Wash your oranges, slice them and lay on dehydrator trays. Set temperature at 115 and that’s it! I told you these were easy.
2. I do mine somewhere between 12-24 hours…… basically, I run them overnight, and just check them in the morning to be sure they are completely dried, with no juice or wetness to them. (see in the video).
*Remember they’ll shrink a bit when dried so don’t cut them paper thin.
Store in a glass jar until ready to use. They keep their color well and smell amazing when dried this way!

If you want the recipe for the Cranberry Potpourri gifts here To watch and here for the post.

I know you’ll find lots of fun ways to use dried orange slices, on the tree, on gifts, in wood bowls with greens & candles and more!

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