“They Seen His Star” Cookie Gift – with free printable tags! Easy to make gifts!

I love to make small gifts or tuck-in’s, as I like to call them, for using in a myriad of ways. You can hand these out at youth group, to Awana volunteers, mail lady, your favorite librarian or bus driver. You can also tuck them into things like mugs, snack night gift basket, a coffee basket, or other type baskets you might be making as a bigger gift with lots of goodies in it!

They also send well to grand-kiddos that live in other states:) It’s like sending a Christmas greeting (instead of a card) a treat from grandma as they wait for Christmas! You can even let your teens make these and hand them out to school friends. So you can see there are numerous ways to use these Christmas star cookie gifts!

Watch short video for the EASY directions!

I use trader joe chocolate covered star cookies and white star pretzels! So easy!

Tags are free to print and use here.

More reasons I love to make and keep on hand small gifts like this:
– No baking required (yay, no mess, no dishes, no hot-glue, Looove that!)
– You’re not giving the person a TON of sugar (cuz everyone is watching their carbs it seems) so it’s just a nice small, one serving, treat they can enjoy with their coffee or on the way home!
– You can make these up ahead! There so easy, you can make them in an hour in one evening.
– Lastly cuz kids and adults alike, LOOOVE to receive small gifts that have a touch of “handmade” kindness, and these fit that bill!

-Trader Joe cookies
-Frosted pretzels – grocery store
– Christmas M&Ms, long narrow cellophane treat bags, double sticky tape & scissors, tiny star hole punch,
– 1 sheet of free tags printed out on copy paper, also some green cardstock & oval paper punch.

1. Open long narrow cellophane bag and slide in chocolate star cookie, red & green M&M, and white pretzels and continue with another chocolate star cookie and more M&M’s.
2. Tie bag with twine or ribbon.
3. Make tags: punch out with oval punch your tag words from your printable. Punch out a star in the white wording tag, before taping it! Punch or cut a square piece from the green card stock to be the backing of your tag. Use double-sided sticky tape to adhere you’re greeting onto green cardstock back/square pc.
Hole punch a hole to tie tag onto bag.
4. Optional, but I like to double sticky tape my tag also in place on the front of the cellophane bag.
That’s it!
This is one of those craft gifts that’s great for using up paper Cricut scraps too. Pull out your paper punches that you have in your craft supplies, I’m sure you’ll have one that will work!

I hope you take some time to make some fun handmade gifts this year and include your kids in the fun!
Have fun giving these out!

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Delightfully yours,

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