A Lemon Lime Centerpiece – perfect for spring!

Fun  Lemon Lime Centerpiece is refreshing and adds wonderful scent to your whole kitchen !

This will surely add a lil zip to your spring cleaning mood and it gives such a clean refreshing look and citrus scent to the whole room.  This is so simple to make for your table.

Just slice lemons and limes to fill a tubular vase and fill with water. See I told you this was easy! Your whole house will smell wonderful even as your slicing the citrus fruits up.  Then Last just float a small tea-light candle on top and its done! (use a tealight thats in clear holder not one thats in silver tin, its looks much nicer)

Also want to know a  fun way to use Pretty Candy Dishes with out filling them with candy! Well, why not use them to serve a healthy snack in instead! Kids love fun snacks, and kids today probably have not seen carrot curls before 🙂 Well they’re easy to make by using a simple potato peeler and going down the whole carrot in one motion, next use a toothpick for holding them into the curl and easy handling and that’s it. I love to use my candy dishes often, not just for holidays and candy, but I often put fresh washed grapes or sweet cherries, apple slices, whole nuts, even pumpkin seeds in candy dishes! Oh candy dishes makes everything look more inviting and tasty. So have fun and use those pretty candy dishes for more than just  “candy”!!

Delightfully yours,

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