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How to make simple Garden Markers for free!

Do you need a simple and cheap way to keep track of things your growing in your garden, like names of tomatoes, peppers, flowers, or herbs! I did! I was looking for a way to mark the names of the new varieties of tomatoes and sweet peppers I was growing. I’m always trying new ones it seems, and I like to keep notes on which ones we liked or didn’t like. So I needed an easy way to See and Remember the variety names. So I started making these Garden Markers from rocks…..and it couldn’t be easier!

If you need a really simple way to mark and remember the name/variety of plants your growing this works great! All you need is some Small rocks with a flat side and a permanent marker! Lord knows I’ve plenty of rocks around here 🙂

 So I went to work and quickly made some markers for my garden to help me keep track of which tomato plant is which, in my long row and I also made some for my sweet peppers. As the summer goes by and you start picking them, you can see and keep track of the names you like best, so you can re-grow your favorites! But wait, it gets even better!

One spring my youngest daughter jumped in and started to help me write on rocks:) She started writing out the names of herbs I grow and making a rock marker for lots of plants. Well later that summer I realized she was really learning alot of the names of flowers and herbs I grew. Well guess what, It came from seeing those rocks with the bold name, right next to the plant, over and over as we spent time in the garden weedin or picking things or gathering a bouquet of flowers, yep she was getting those names! Wow, I love when learning (and spelling lessons 🙂 take place naturally !

I mean what an excellent way for her to learn the names of these plants and herbs!

So if you want a great homeschooling idea or just a fun spring craft……these are great! They’ll have lots of plants recognized before summer is over. And, she had to look up some of the spellings of the varietys…so its a win win Mama’s, learning and spelling is taking place 🙂 (And all free of charge:)

Now when the end of summer comes its super easy, you just pick them up and toss in a basket. Rinse off the dirt and they are ready for storage and next year’s garden! After a while you’ll have to re-write some, But its a great no-cost way to keep track of plant varietys !

Happy gardening !

Delightfully yours,

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