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Cream Puff Making with BFF’s

Cream puff Making is super fun for teens, grand-teens, tweens, or even girls just 8 yrs and up will love making this recipe! This recipe is not hard at all and its no different from making a craft with a bunch of girls and having to buy a bunch of craft supplies. For this recipe you need very few ingredients, and you probably have all the ingredients on hand! It can be a great FUN summer vacation thing for girls to make together as my daughter and her friend did. So if your looking for a great summer vacation idea for girls here’s a great one.  

When my youngest daughter was perfecting her cream puff making skills…

……she had a friend over and they had a lot of fun in the kitchen, one summer afternoon! School was out and they were bored, and what better to do then make homemade cream puffs together. 

Her friend had never made them before, although my youngest daughter had, this was a great reason  to perfect her skills and was something super fun  to do with her sweet friend one afternoon.

So YEP those are dishes in background…..piled high, that’s what happens when ya  have too much fun, and cupboard doors get left open and well that’s a sure sign their having fun.  So just go with it mamma, and don’t fuss over those dishes but instead get your camera and use your time capturing this memory…..you’ll be glad you did….just as I am.  (those dishes are worth their smilin’ faces)

“Perfectin my baking with a good friend in the kitchen on a summer day, when there wasn’t much else to do, but make plates and plates of cream puffs for each of our families to enjoy after dinner!”

And that’s not all they did….. 🖤….. While cream puffs cooled and awaited to be filled, they took a break and painted their nails for the  4th of July 😊

Delightfully yours,

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