Handy Pineapple TIPS

  • Keep some pineapple in the freezer so its frozen and ready to drop into smoothies. Smoothies are thicker and sweeter if you use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes.
  • I buy a fresh pineapple, let it ripen up well, on my counter (upside down–a trick I learned from my sister),  then in a couple days when its nice and ripe, just cut it up into small chunks and freeze it in a gallon ziplock baggie.  Its handy and super easy.  (see photo below)

Now there’s a ton of info written on pineapples, some true some not.  Matter a fact if you want to see How to grow pineapples at Home just look that up on the internet and you’ll be amazed at how much information there is on that topic alone.

As far as basic information on pineapples, you don’t have to be a scientist to test some of these pineapple theories that are out there:

  1. Pineapples don’t ripen after picked -theory
  2. Green pineapples don’t ripen as sweet as yellow ones -theory
  3. Pineapples should be sat upside down on your counter -theory

So some years back I simply decided to prove these theories true or false by testing them out for myself.  I bought some pineapples and put one upside down and all the rest right side up, one was very green and the rest were not.

Well they ALL ripened so that 1st theory is bunk.
Pineapples ripen after picked…and mine always have!

Now the green one did not ripen well and started to turn bad sooner than the yellow bought ones, that theory has continued to hold true for me -So I do not buy really green pineapples, I’ve proved to myself they aren’t as good and they don’t ripen as well. (2nd common theory).

Lastly the one that ripened upside down was definitely sweeter!  When my sister gave me the “upside down pineapple challenge” I tried it several times and its been true every time, sooo…. I put my pineapples UPSIDE DOWN on my counter when I bring them home, because they taste sweeter to us.  It’s that simple — -you try it!

Hope your week is delightful
…………….until next time!