Homemade Donuts

Every fall in late October we make HOMEMADE DONUTS!  Even my grown kids come back home for this.  We invite family and friends and anyone else to come over for fresh Homemade Donuts and Hot apple cider.

We have been making this recipe since my oldest son was 6 years old that was over 19 years ago.  Having a flock of 6 children, I needed something fun to do instead of taking them out trick or treating, so we made Homemade Donuts together!  It’s a fun thing to do as a family.  Often we played really fun games during this evening too.  Once we made them, they wanted to repeat this fun yummy night, every Fall……and so we did.  Now with only my last two girls at home, they help me carry on the tradition still yet of making fall time donuts.

Mamma’s Donut Recipe:
2 Tbsp Yeast
1/4 c water – warm
Dissolve in small dish and let set 3-5 min before whisking into the below.
In a large mixing bowl put:
1 c milk – warm
1/2 c sugar
3/4 c palm shortening or butter
1 tsp salt
1 c mashed potatoes- warm*
and whisk it all together and whisk into the above yeast mixture as well.
2 eggs  – beat in with beaters and then
4 1/2 c all purpose flour  – blending flour into dough until nice soft dough forms.

Cover and let rise until dough has risen and is airy-light (couple hours).  Now take dough out of the  bowl and knead it a little, then roll it out thick. Next cut out circles of dough using a large drinking glass or a wide mouth canning jar works great.  Use a small spice container or such to cut the hole in the center of your donut.  So now you have donuts and donut holes.  Place donuts and donut holes on lightly greased cookie sheets for rising again (about 30 -40 minutes).
Now start getting your oil hot,  I use my good ole black iron pot.  Cast iron pots are great for deep frying because they hold the temperature well and its very easy cleanup with them.  So when oil is about 366 degrees gently slide in a couple donuts at a time and cook them for a couple minutes on each side.  Lift them out of the oil when golden, and set on paper towels.  While warm you can glaze them. This make about 15 donuts and 15 donut holes in which was never enough for the clan of kids and friends at our place so I always doubled it.
*(Note: for mashed potatoes use leftover ones or you can use 1/2 c potato flakes with 1 c very hot water)

You can top these donuts with  chocolate glaze, sprinkles or anything else your heart desires.  Over the years we have enjoyed them a lot of ways – but  its seems the good ole warm glazed ones are still the well favored!  Give this a try and enjoy a fun fall evening with friends and family.

Here’s some rising on a lightly greased pan and waiting to be cooked,  there’s even a twisted-tiger-tail that got shaped (notice it on the far right).  You can have a lot of fun making and eating these yummy donuts!