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More… Homemade Donuts!

We love making donuts!  I have posted about donuts before buuut I do just love making a batch of warm glazed homemade donuts every fall, that’s all there is too it! ❤️

We make them with friends…  with families…..and at get-togethers, for bonfires, for girls gatherings, we have made them out West when visiting cousins, and with Aunts. Oh how I love making donuts ❤️and well of course we love eating donuts too!  But, donut making is usually reserved for special family memory making!

Now If you haven’t made homemade donuts weeeell……..You gotta give donut making a try!

Just something about a warm yummy glazed donut right off the cooling rack!❤️

♥ If you want to skip all this and jump over to my full Post to get my Donut recipe and my How To make Homemade donuts, then click here …….

I mean I hate to do this to you, but its not just the warm yummy donut right off the rack, but its about all the fun memories that happen when you whip up a batch of these, and fry, and dip, and dunk them all together……and taste!!! You gotta taste 🙂 to be sure the glaze is thick enough! right!😊

…and don’t forget yummy donut holes 🙂

….be it Tiger Tails or Braided Twist donuts (the name totally depends on whether sons or daughters were shaping them!!! But all the same, is yummy donut creativity is taking place 🙂 From glazed, to cinnamon sugar, to powder sugar donut holes, or chocolate dunked ones with sprinkles…..you choose!😊

….. note and see in the pictures that, a tray or some wax paper, placed underneath your cooling rack makes for easy clean up!😊

Yes in all honesty I do not know how many batches of donuts I have made over the years, since I only make them once or twice a year. Well recently we celebrated anniversary number 35, so actually I’m guessing its probably more than 30 some batches now, hmmm it could be closer to 50, I truly know not. So there you have it, my official qualifications for encouraging you in Donut Making ❤️

Happy Donut Making, you really have to give them a try!

♥  for my full Donut recipe and How To make Homade donuts go here …….

Delightfully yours,

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