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Easy decorating for a Birthday party!

Do you have a Winter Birthday in your family? We have several! Need a fun and bright way to decorate a whole room with birthday cheerfulness in a jiffy? Well, this is a really fun idea that adds lots of birthday brightness with very little work! We all love that, right!

This is great for those Winter birthdays inside and it works for any age! Simple helium filled balloons dancing cheerfully all over the ceiling brings a lot of birthday into a room without much work at all ! (and very little clean up too, I might add 😊)

It’s seriously so simple, I can’t believe I haven’t used it sooner. It really makes you feel you entered into Birthday Land when you walk in the room 🙂


-well it hardly needs directions, I told you it was easy, Here’s what I did:

I used 18 brightly colored balloons filled with helium from the Dollar store, each with a bright colored ribbon hanging long and curly, nearly to the floor, Thats It! No streamers or tape necessary!

Upon entering the room, you are welcomed into Birthday Land! 🙂

I said it was easy, and it is! So I hope you’ll make someones birhday special with a balloon covered ceiling! It’s festively birthday-ish! (I think that’s a word 😊)

So if you need a whole lot of brightness with very little effort and you want to bring instant birthday party to a room, helium balloons all dancing around the ceiling will do the trick!

Simply let them float all over the ceiling in the room you wish to decorate, and you add instant birthday party!

Decorations, Done!

Next all that’s needed, is cake and friends.

Delightfully yours,

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