Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Kids never tire of making fun edible crafts, but sometimes moms tire of the mess! So these Pilgrim Hat Cookies are for craft loving kids and tired moms looking for something easy with very minimal ingredients. You can make up several dozen pretty quickly to use for a Sunday school treat, a fun fall birthday or a craft to do on Thanksgiving Day with all the nieces and nephews. When I become a grandmom, I will be doing thes with my grands!

Here’s my easy version!

All you need is:
– striped cookies (any brand as well as unbranded work fine)
– individual peanut butter cups (buy a few extra, some always end up eaten before becoming a hat!)
– a tube of yellow frosting (which goes a looong way!)





Lay out your cookie, upside down.







Using a flat frosting tip, ruffle on yellow frosting.





Place peanut butter cup onto frosting bottom side up.





Add a lil orange frosting buckle or, easier yet, use an orange tictac or other small candy attached with yellow frosting and you’re done with your thanksgiving treat!


Kids really enjoy making these and taking them as treats to share with friends! And you will treasure memories made with your kids!

Delightfully Yours, Annette



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