Sun Pickles

These are very dilly, crunchy and flavorful. Even the onions are yummy and are good on sandwiches and burgers. So instead of Sun Tea this summer try making some Sun Pickles!



Wash pickles and Rinse dill












Slice pickles and onions









Layer sliced pickles and onions into clean jars






To each jar add:
3 dill heads and few dill leaves (which are feathery looking part)
2 cloves garlic – cut up or sliced
2 teaspoons dried dill weed

6 cups White Vinegar
6 1/2 cups Water
2/3 cup Canning Salt
1 tsp Alum
(this fills about 8-9 pints)

Pour brine into each jar, leave 1″ head space. Put a  clean, hot lid and ring on each jar.


Now set the jars in the sun for 48 hours, after that bring them in and refrigerate them.






Best if you let them cure for 4 weeks in refrigerator (if you can keep from eating them all before then).