Easy to make Crunchy-Dilly-Sun Pickles !

These are very dilly, crunchy and flavorful. Even the onions are yummy! These are great on burgers, brats, sandwiches and even wraps. So instead of Sun Tea this summer try making some Sun Pickles!

Let me walk you through how easily you can make these yummy dill pickles, whether you grew some in your garden or picked some up from the farmers market 🙂

You only need about 13 pickle cucs and 1 good sized onion

1. First wash your pickles and Rinse your dill.

2. Next wash 5 wide mouth Pint Jars, (I sterilize in the dishwasher the night ahead so there already to go).

3. Next Slice the pickles and onions, and using a small mandoline or hand slicer makes this very quick work. 

Important Tip: I don’t use the ends when I do them sliced. Also if I do whole pickles I will slice off the blossom end only, again for crispier pickles. The blossom end is easy to tell…its where the stem was attached. Another important Tip: Don’t Use SOFTened water for pickles, it also can cause them to loose their crunch or be softer!

4. Now you simply Layer the sliced pickles and the onions into clean jars, along with dill and spices.

That ‘s how easy these are!

To each Pint sized jar add:
1 dill head and 3-4  dill leaves  (which are the feathery looking fronds)
2 small cloves garlic – sliced in halves so you have 4 pcs.
2 teaspoons dried dill weed or dill seeds (or use 2-3 more dill fronds, which I prefer when my dill is growing in abundance)

Tip: To make these even quicker, Sometimes I make up the brine the night before and store it in a large 1/2gallon canning in the refrig. Then you just heat up the brine (just take the chill off it) the next day, and once your jars are layered and filled, it makes these crunchy dills even quicker to make 🙂

For Brine:
3 cups organic White Vinegar
3 1/4 cups Water
1/3 cup Canning Salt (I use my pink himalayan salt here)
1/2 tsp Alum  (I have found this to be optional and in the last 5 years have not been adding it, because I have become concerned about its health for us, but the original recipe included it.) It is suppose to be to help keep pickle crunchiness, I have not found it to be needed for that!
This is enough brine to make about 4 – 5 pint jars.  But you can make quarts or half pint jars as well. 

Once your jars are layered with pickles and onions and the dill and seasonsings you simply heat and Pour the warm brine into each jar. Leave 1″ head space. Then put a clean hot lid and ring onto each jar.

Now set the jars in the sun for 48 hours, after that bring them in and refrigerate them. These must be be stored in the refrigertor for long term, and not on a pantry shelf.

These are the dilly-est (if thats a word 🙂 and yummy-est pickles and get even better if you let them cure for 2 weeks more in the refrigerator, but the first few jars never make it that long in the frig around here 🙂

  They last for many months in the refrigerator, 5-6 months easily. 

♥True story when my oldest daughter got married her sweet husband loved them so much, I made a big 1/2 gallon jar (super sized:) one just for him! That’s a big jar of pickles! 

You can pack them whole, or Sliced or in Spears, however you choose to slice them, they are tasty……and that sweet son-in-law still gets a few jars every year 🙂 

Delightfully yours,

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