Forcing Fall Bulbs for Spring!

October and November are the fall months when I pick up some bulbs to force in a vase. The bulbs will then bloom for us come February when we’re feeling anxious for a sign of spring……… but there will still be 8 more weeks of winter!

This is a fun thing my kids enjoyed doing over the years when they were younger.

Simply buy a package of mixed hyacinth bulbs now, in the fall time. Then find some cute bulb vases at thrift shops (or garage sales during the summer) for as cheap as 50 cents sometimes.

And it’s so easy! All I do is set the bulb in the vase and add water so that only the bottom of the bulb sits in the water (not floating in it).

Then I put them in the back of my refrigerator for 5-6 weeks (even up to 8 weeks). They need at least 4 good weeks in the refrigerator; check them after a couple weeks because they probably will need just a tablespoon of water that the growing roots will have  used.

This is a fun school project too, because the kids can see those roots growing longer and longer into the vase or jar and the sprout coming out the top and then the bloom forming and springing forth wide open. We use hyacinths because they have a wonderful smell, are easy to force and have never failed. Some bulbs don’t like to be forced into bloom early and won’t give a very good bloom, but hyacinths and also paper white narcissus will do very well.

There are tons of creative ways you can force bulbs if you look on the internet. Here’s a quick video tutorial I found which shows you in about 5 min exactly what I wrote, so for those of you who’d like to see an easy tutorial on forcing bulbs.

We always had at least 6 vases in our windows come spring. Through the years, my kids would guess what color they thought the bloom would be, measure to see whose bloom would get the tallest and would have lots of fun learning. I always just enjoyed the pretty blooms in the windows as we continued to wait for spring.

Hope you’ll pick up some hyacinths this fall and get them in the fridge before Christmas so you can enjoy some early spring in your home!

Delightfully Yours, Annette



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