Milkweed Ornament

I love adding a touch of nature to my Christmas tree….


Thought I would show you what I found at a craft sale. I got several of these pretty little Milkweed ornaments. I picked up some to use for gifts and one I gave to myself! They are just a clear ornament bulb (you can find these at any craft or even big-box store) filled with the fluffy seeds from a milkweed pod, which during these fall months are everywhere right now–in the fields and along road sides. It has a ribbon tied on top and that’s it, and they are so pretty!

So if you want a Christmas gift idea to make ahead, here’s one for your nature loving friends.

For even more ideas that you can make for giving at Christmas time check out my kids book “Now I am 10” for easy fun gifts you and your kids can make together.

Delightfully Yours, Annette


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