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Milkweed Ornament

I love adding a touch of nature to my Christmas tree….

I Thought I’d show you what I found at a craft sale over the weekend.

I bought several of these pretty little Milkweed ornaments! I picked up some to use for gifts and one I gave to myself! 🙂 These would be perfect for a garden friend!

They are just a clear glass ball ornament. (You can find clear ornaments  at any craft or even box store.) It’s just  filled with the fluffy seeds from a milkweed pod, which during these fall months are everywhere right now in the fields and along roads in our area. Then it simply  has a ribbon tied on top and that’s it, isn’t it so pretty!

Ok that’s it for now, So if you want a Christmas gift idea that you can make way ahead in advance before any Christmas busy-ness begins this will fit the bill! You can make these months ahead….and I love those kinds of gifts for giving.  These will be perfect for all your outdoor nature loving friends.

Delightfully yours,Annette

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