Memory Photo Christmas Ornament – Easy to make!

Here’s a really fun Photo Ornament you can make for Christmas gifts. You can use grandkid pictures for grandma, you can use grandkid pictures from a day with grama and give to the grandkids, you could use engagement pictures or a wedding picture and give for their first Christmas together. Soooo many fun ways to make and give these ornament memories!


These are plastic so there not breakable, and even your kids could help make these. I show you how easy you can make these in the 4 minute video above !

1 picture
Plastic ornaments – Dollar store or Hobby Lobby
Snow – also from Dollar store
Ribbon to tie on
Double sticky tape & scissors
The flat round ornaments – came from Hobby Lobby, on their ornament wall and they had a Santa on one side and Merry Christmas on the other side. I simply taped my photo to the Santa side.

1. For clear plastic ball /plastic jar style ornament – cut picture to fit inside ornament, see in the video how I rolled the photo to insert it into the ball shape easily. Add snow, put cap back on, tie on your ribbon and its done!

2. For the flat tin edged ornament – Place ornament onto photo and trace around it with pencil so you have a cutting line. Cut photo out on your traced line or use a circle cutter if you have one.
3. Put double sticky tape on the ornament and press your photo into place on the ornament.
4. Last tie on a Christmas colored ribbon and its done!
You may want to add the date using a permanent marker on it somewhere! ❤️

For this ornament I used a circle cutter, I had on hand, and it fit just perfectly. If you have a circle cutter from scrapbooking stuff, use it and it will make these go even quicker.

I recently visited a friend who is a grandma, and she had handmade photo ornaments of her grandkids that were given to her over the years as ornament gifts, and I thought they were precious memories on her tree! Have fun making these memory filled gifts.

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