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Almond Joy Bites

Chewy, soft and yummy….Almond Joy Bites that’s what they taste like!

With or without the almonds these are deeelish!

You know how hard it is to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right, you get out a couple ingredients and then you make the sandwich, then you eat it. Well, that’s about how easy these lil’ bites are, you get out just a few ingredients, you make them and then yep, you eat them.

Seriously thought, all have to do is just stir up the 6 ingredients and then shape them into a ball.

Then press your almond into it, to flatten it a tad and shape it into the oval shape, like I did mine

Ok now that was easy as 1 -2 3

Now they are ready to be dipped, dunked or eaten plain, you decide.

I dunked mine! and I used Lilys brand no-sugar Chocolate chips. These chocolate chips are sweetned with stevia.

Now after I dunk them I slide them onto parchment paper, because they never stick to parchment. I love parchment! You can even reuse it, sometimes. Its wonderful to line a pan for protein bars and lift and cut, great for lining your pan for rice crispy treats..or Anything you want to be able to just lift out of a pan or container EASILY and cut…. its fab! Iv’e found it’s a very good price at Costco, and it’s a big roll so it will last you, half your life time….and ok there’s my plug on my love for parchment paper. 🙂

Lets get back to dipping our chewy coconut candy delights.

Ok just dip them and slide onto parchment paper. Let them harden at room temp or for quicker hardening, set in the fridge for 5 min. To store I keep in the fridge In a covered container.

Now for the Easy Melted Chocolate, I just use my favorite healthy brand of chocolate chips, so use your favorite. My current favorite chocolate chips for dipping, is Enjoy Life brand and Lily’s. but there are several good brands out there.

I simply add 1 scant tablespoon of organic coconut oil (solid) to 1 cup of chocolate chips. Melt very carefully on LOW stove stirring continually with a rubber spatula, you don’t want to burn it, just heat it just enough to melt. Remove chocolate pan from stove and now dip them. I don’t have any fancy dipping tool, I have always just used a fork & it works great. And that’s all I do for my dipping chocolate. Easy Peasy!

Well that’s all there is to these yummy, much better for you, chewy, chocolatey, candy treats.

Love to hear in the comments if you made these.

Almond Joy Bites

Almond Joy Bites


  • ¾ cup organic coconut – shredded
  • 3 Tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup sweetener pretty much any or a combo of them works fine in this recipe. ( maple syrup, honey, Pyure, or Truvia) Taste your coconut mixture and adjust the sweetness if you need more.
  • 1 -2 shakes of Himalayan or sea salt
  • 2/4 teaspoons real vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon arrowroot powder.
  • 12-13 whole almonds


    Makes about 13 oval candies

First melt your coconut oil in a sauce pan, turn off heat, now simply add in rest of ingredients (except almonds) . stir well (but don’t cook it, your heat is off). Taste for sweetness, adjust if needed. Shape into balls or ovals, press almond on top. Refrigerate for 20 min if you want them to dip easier.....And you do

Now melt 1 cup choc chips with 1 T coconut oil (or lil less coconut oil, if you want your choc coating to be harder) Dip, dunk, have fun and let them harden on parchment lined tray . Store in fridge…but hide them, they go fast!

Delightfully yours,Annette

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