The best Creamy protein filled Eggs!

Anyone, besides me, looking for some quick Easy Eats?

Well, filled eggs, as I call them, most call them Deviled eggs, they are a tasty snack, quick breakfast or even a one person lunch 😊. They are good protein, no sugar, aaaand if you add some fresh berries and slices of organic meat, then you have yourself a mini-meal. I am always trying to ditch the carbs but keep a healthy protein level, So I love Low-Carb snacks and meals like this one.

I love to add a small cup of orange juice with this, in the morning as well as a cup of Hot Tea. Whatever your favorite tea might be, it will go well with this. I love mint tea and grow it in my garden for drying, to drink all winter long. It has so many health benefits. Ok, but this is about Filled Eggs 😊

When I make them, I hard boil 7 to 8 at a time, so I end up with a nice plate of 12 filled halves to keep ready in the frig to ENJOY through out the week. Like mentioned these are great for quick afternoon snacks, kiddos stop in, or for my breakfast (its my Eggs over easy“NO-Toast needed”breakfast 😊) as well as for lunch. I know what your thinking, that 7 – 8 eggs equals more than 12 halves. That it equals 14-16 halves…..well yes, but some usually get devoured in the making so adjust as needed. 😊

Easy Peasy Tasty “Filled Eggs!”

8 hard boil eggs – peel and cut in halves.
Put all yolks into small mixing bowl.
Add a dollup of mayo approx. 1-2Tablespoons (healthy no sugar brand or homemade)
Squirt of mustard
dash of Salt, if you wish

Next I add in:
1 Tablespoon ranch dressing (your favorite brand or homemade)
1 -2 teaspoons of water – yep water, that’s the secret ingredient to the best filled eggs! Its what makes them super creamy and light and tasty, I could eat this yolk filling by the spoonful 🙂
Now for extra health benefits, I add more to my yolk filling.

I add 1-2 shakes of each: Turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper, and sometimes a pinch of dried dill. I have even added a shake of ginger and smoked paprika. Be adventurous and add some healthy spices to your next batch of Filled Eggs! I know ginger might sound odd, but its good for the gut and digestion and a shake or two doesn’t alter the flavor at all, so why not!

Next, I use my handheld beaters, and whisk this mixture until perfectly creamy, only takes about 1-2 minutes. Then using a pastry bag, I fill each egg half quickly with zero mess. Now I have enough filled eggs for several days.

I use them for easy protein breakfast on the go, quick after school snacks or as above for a Valentine Lunch for One – -YOU! ❤️

Happy Valentines Day!

Delightfully yours,Annette

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