Here’s a Poppin’ Fun Valentine….

Need a simple and super easy Valentine craft for your kids, well this is super simple and yet kids always love to do these! I know its been around,  but hey, I LOVE Popcorn β™₯ and so do many πŸ™‚

I love that its a useful gift, its not a sweet sugary gift, and well everyone loves to eat popcorn in the winter time right πŸ™‚ So it makes a great Valentine to give!

To make: Take a package of microwave popcorn and wrap a smaller piece of paper around the center of the popcorn pack (we choose red printed paper of course). Tape in place on the back side of popcorn pkg.

Now simply take white paper, cut it to fit on the front, glue or I use double-sided sticky tape to attach it and then simply let your kids write the message on the white area……..add a few heart stickers and its done and kids always always love to make stuff! Now of course you can also find lots of free printables for making a popcorn valentine instead of writing the words out and however you make them….JUST HAVE FUN!

Your kids will love giving these Poppin’ Valentines to teachers, Sunday school teacher, you could even leave one in the mailbox for your mail lady!

Now a days kids need to spend more time making things with their hands, unplugging! They need to have time to  make a craft together or bake something.  This takes such minimal time, and supplies and yet everyone loves popcorn, and allllll kids and teens love to have something fun to do and something to GIVE!  Let’s encourage our kids to give from the heart often!

I have more Valentine craft ideas you might enjoy checking out, right here.

Delightfully yours,Annette

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