• Favorite Asparagus

    Favorite Asparagus

    Well, asparagus is in season where I live and we love it! This is our favorite way to eat it.   Favorite Asparagus Cut/snap one bunch of asparagus to your preferred length (one inch pieces work great) Sautee in a lil coconut oil or butter (about one tablespoon) When it’s tender (not mushy) and nice bright green, remove from heat Shake on a lil salt and garlic powder Transfer seasoned asparagus to your serving dish Top it with a handful of grape tomatoes (cut in halves) and a handful of small pieces of fresh mozzarella (it will quickly melt on your hot asparagus and taste delicious). My family loves this…

  • Rock Garden Markers

    Rock Garden Markers

    I don’t use garden markers for everything, but I always need a way to keep the new varieties of tomatoes and peppers I’m growing for the summer straight. When I spotted these ones here  I thought it couldn’t be easier!     Small rocks and a permanent marker – yep, I have those on hand.  So I went to work and quickly made some markers for the garden this year to help me keep track of which tomato plant is which. I did the same with my row of peppers, because I’m always trying different varieties.   When my daughter jumped in and started to help me, she made markers…

  • Spring

    Braided Sweet Bread

    Braided Sweet Bread is perfect for Easter Morning This recipe makes 2 braids or make one braid and the rest of the dough into Cinnamon rolls to slice up and bake.                                                                                                                        Recipe: 3 Tbsp Yeast 3/4 cup Sugar 1 1/2 tsp Salt 2  cup Bread flour Put all the above in a bowl Next stir in 2 1/2 cups warmed milk and 3/4 cup softened Butter. Stir around a bit to wet it all and then using a mixer beat in 2 Eggs Now beat to mix all together well. Now I switch to my dough hook and add in 2 cups  Hard wheat flour (can use white flour) 2…

  • Spring

    A Lemon Lime Centerpiece And Pretty Candy Dishes

    A  Lemon Lime Centerpiece And Pretty Candy dishes This will surely add a lil zip to your spring cleaning mood and it gives such a clean refreshing look and citrus scent to the whole room.  Its pretty and simple to make for your table. Just slice lemons and limes to fill a tubular vase and then fill with water. Float a small candle on top and its done! Also here’s a fun way to use Pretty Candy Dishes….. Use them to serve a healthy snack,  it looks fancy and your family will feel special!    Grapes, carrot curls, apple slices, nuts, pumpkin seeds use what your family likes.  Have fun and…

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