• Fall

    Rustic Apple Tart

    This is a wonderful dessert to make for fall time when (every flavor of) apple is plentiful and ripe. My daughter made this yummy Rustic Apple Tart and it was fabulous, warm right out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream… …but you’ll just have to take my word on its delicious taste!  You see as she was making it, I was taking photos of her here and there, we were having a good time, then she popped it in the oven to bake and of course the whole house smelled delicious for the next near hour it seemed, and it brought every wood-hauling boy, brother and…

  • Fall

    Hot Cider

    We love Hot Cider and we drink gallons of the stuff during the fall months! Its great to serve on a cool fall evening sitting around the fire outside and sip on while you visit with family & friends.  You can keep it hot in your crock pot for a Harvest party, or enjoy serving it for a Fall Tea. Let me share how easy it is to make hot cider Ingredients 3 whole cloves 2-3 short cinnamon sticks 2 Tbsp. brown sugar,  maple syrup or  honey 1/2  gallon apple cider Put cider in pan and heat on low. Stir in sugar and float mulling spices (cloves & cinnamon sticks)…

  • Fall

    Pumpkin Cake Roll ! ! !

    My daughter makes this yummy Pumpkin Cake Roll  every year for Thanksgiving dessert and we love it! She puts a light and delicious cream cheese filling inside that’s heavenly! I  love it even more because you can make it weeks ahead, or several of them ahead in our case, and freeze them.  I think they are even better when just slightly thawed. My husband and boys have never tired of eating this dessert and thankfully my daughter has never tired of making it! Pumpkin Cake Roll Grease & flour a 10 x 15 jelly roll pan Line with parchment paper and grease & flour paper – the parchment paper is…

  • Fall

    Pilgrim Hat Cookies

    Kids never tire of making fun edible crafts, but sometimes moms tire of the mess! So these Pilgrim Hat Cookies are for craft loving kids and tired moms looking for something easy with very minimal ingredients. You can make up several dozen pretty quickly to use for a Sunday school treat, a fun fall birthday or a craft to do on Thanksgiving Day with all the nieces and nephews. When I become a grandmom, I will be doing thes with my grands! Here’s my easy version! All you need is: – striped cookies (any brand as well as unbranded work fine) – individual peanut butter cups (buy a few extra,…

  • Fall

    Forcing Fall Bulbs for Spring!

    October and November are the fall months when I pick up some bulbs to force in a vase. The bulbs will then bloom for us come February when we’re feeling anxious for a sign of spring……… but there will still be 8 more weeks of winter! This is a fun thing my kids enjoyed doing over the years when they were younger. Simply buy a package of mixed hyacinth bulbs now, in the fall time. Then find some cute bulb vases at thrift shops (or garage sales during the summer) for as cheap as 50 cents sometimes. And it’s so easy! All I do is set the bulb in the…

  • Fall

    More Homemade Donuts

    We love making donuts and we make them every fall! We make them with friends… and families…..and at get-togethers, with cousins and Aunts. We just love making donuts and eating them with others! You gotta do it too! These are the donuts we made this fall!         Donut Recipe!                    

  • Fall

    Treat Favors

    Do you need something appropriate for all kinds of occasions? We have made these Treat Favors for college boxes, to send as encouragement to friends far away, fall harvest favors, to adorn our thanksgiving dinner table, for baby and wedding showers, for parties of all kinds, so many things! I don’t know where I originally found this idea but we have made them for all kinds of different occasions! You could make these with cardstock paper for a surprise treat (think birthday party) or very pretty and fancy by creating them with vellum (a pretty white type paper) and use white ribbon or lace (think wedding shower), or even using…

  • Fall

    Pumpkin Kitchen Towel

    Here is a cute little Pumpkin Towel you can make and an easy enough project for beginner sewers to do too. If you know me by now, you know I am always looking for a project that practices the skills you’re trying to teach young girls at home as well as produce something useful too. This fits the ticket! We had fun making these and made several different variations of them.   First, I got some green kitchen towels from the dollar store (for a dollar). Then, I drew out a really easy pumpkin pattern and cut out each piece from paper to use as our pattern. Get the pattern…

  • Fall,  Winter

    Milkweed Ornament

    I love adding a touch of nature to my Christmas tree….   Thought I would show you what I found at a craft sale. I got several of these pretty little Milkweed ornaments. I picked up some to use for gifts and one I gave to myself! They are just a clear ornament bulb (you can find these at any craft or even big-box store) filled with the fluffy seeds from a milkweed pod, which during these fall months are everywhere right now–in the fields and along road sides. It has a ribbon tied on top and that’s it, and they are so pretty! So if you want a Christmas…

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    Fall Leaf Cookies

    Have you made FALL LEAF COOKIES yet? If you haven’t made these with your kids, I encourage you to take an afternoon and make some Fall Leaf Cookies together!  There are lots of  recipes for making Fall Leaf Cookies,  they’ve been around a long time! I use to make them way back with my kids but recently I made these with my sister and her kids, and had such a great time together. I didn’t get many photos of the process as too much fun was happening and I got wrapped into the fun with them. Any sugar cookie recipe will work for them. Below is my tried and true…